Written by: Richard
October 25, 2021

Train is good for the brain!

Daydream again 600x600

Train is good for the brain! Academic research reveals that commuting by rail helps set you up for the workday by cutting through ‘brain fog’

Written by: David Fisher
July 17, 2019

Why are we crowdfunding?

Crowdfund on mobile

Find out why we're crowdfunding and how we intend to use this investment to grow and evolve our offering.

Written by: Julian
November 6, 2018

Mind the Commuters

Commuter waiting for underground train

CEO or store clerk, we almost all step into the same 11 feet 8 inches of the tube every day in the London Underground. This article is about the current state of our daily London commute and how starting today we can make it better.

Written by: Bradley Williams
February 21, 2017

February 21st: The UK's first "Commuter Day"

Commuters on train

If you're one of the millions of people commuting by train each day, then you know that travel can be quite a financial burden - an outstanding average of 14% of your annual take-home salary!

Written by: Bradley Williams
February 5, 2017

What is a London Travelcard?

Commuters in front of underground train

With over 3 million people commuting within London every day, TFL have designed a few ways to help Londoners save money on their journeys without having to buy each way tickets.

Written by: Tolu Ibikunle
June 29, 2016

London Tube Fare rises not so fair?

Underground train leaving station

London Tube fares for Oystercards have increased by nearly 2x over the past 10 years. A Zone 1-4 journey used to cost £2.60 and now costs £5.90.

Written by: Sara
December 15, 2015

15 People You Meet In The Tube

With 1.3 billion passengers annually, you can imagine meeting all kinds of people in the tube. Have a look at the most common ones picked out by our friends over at citysocializer, the UK leading service to meet new people and make friends in your city.

Written by: Sara
November 30, 2015

Survival Tips on Working at Christmas

Christmas wrapping paper

We all know that working at Christmas is not easy. For this reason, our friends at StudentJob UK have shared their tips to survive working this time of the year.

Written by: Sara
November 11, 2015's Commuter Hacks

Crowded underground tube platform at rush hour

We all know that commuting isn't easy, especially at this time of year. For this reason, our friends over at have shared their tips to clean up your commute, along with a few ideas on how to make your commute a little more enjoyable.

Written by: Emmanouil
October 22, 2015

What is FinTech?

Fintech infographic

A simple guide to the fast growing world of FinTech. CommuterClub is leading London FinTech business helping commuters to save money.

Written by: Emmanouil
October 15, 2015

10 Annoying things about travelling in London during winter

Commuting in London is always a pain, especially during rush hour on a regular day. With winter comes, unbelievably, even more problems on public transport, from delays to complete cancellations becoming a regular occurance. Here is our list of the top 10 annoying things commuters will have to deal with this winter.

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