October 15, 2015

10 Annoying things about travelling in London during winter

Commuting in London can be unpleasant at the best of times (to say the least), but with winter rapidly approaching we know there are some particularly hellish journeys to look forward to. So here are our top 10 annoying things you will be exposed to this winter.

1. Open windows on the bus - Just because you somehow feel warm in 3 degrees, it doesn't mean we do too.


2. Rush hour on the underground - Too hot because of all the layers everyone is wearing, too cold to take them off.

That deadly breeze every time the door opens doesn't help at all. Bring on the cold sweats.

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3. Foggy glasses - Getting on a warm train from the freezing cold can leave you in a world of blur.

Suddenly you feel like Velma from Scooby-Doo.

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4. Delays - Oh a branch has blown onto the track and frozen? I think we better suspend the line until further notice.

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5. More delays - What is it this time? Aah of course that sleet snow we had for 5 seconds caused problems. Fair enough.


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6. Even more delays - Just tapped my Oystercard to hear the lovely sound of delay resonating over the train station tannoy.

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7. Slippery stairs - These stairs are steep enough, and now they're soaked. Just. Don't. Slip.

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8. Colds - Thank you for that wonderful splutter on my neck. Oh and that sneeze that just hit me.

I'm fine, really.

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9. Darkness - The one problem that comes with travelling in winter is that you rarely see any sun.

You come to work in the dark, and leave in the dark. It can make you a little crazy.

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10. The queues - It's bad enough that it's taken me 30 minutes to walk 100 metres, and now there's a queue for stairs!?

Well hey, at least the view is amazing.

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