December 15, 2015

15 People You Meet In The Tube

With 1.3 billion passengers annually, you can imagine meeting all kinds of people in the tube. Have a look at the most common ones picked out by our friends over at citysocializer, the UK leading service to meet new people and make friends in your city.

1. The Excited Tourist:

Loud, usually lost and wearing tops with mottos like ‘I <3 London', the tourist will look at the tube map in confusion and will count the stops to his destination every time the train stops. Between reading a guidebook and looking at the photos he took he will ask several people for directions just to be sure.

2. The Confused Newbie:

Still fresh from home, he will be as confused as the tourist but at the same time complains about it. ‘Why are the people so unfriendly and why is it so crowded in here? Am I on the right train?' Once he's learnt to stay on the right and let people out of the train first he will probably be fine.

3. The City Businessman:

Suit perfectly ironed and shoes shined, the city businessman is usually on his way to work or a meeting where he can make more than you do in a year. He usually carries a briefcase or a laptop bag and looks too serious to go anywhere near him.

4. The Drunk Student:

Usually dressed up for one party or another the drunk student will take lots of selfies in the tube while drinking cheap alcohol mixed with a fizzy drink out of a plastic bottle or down cans of beer while his friends sing chants like ‘We like to drink with Jonny cause Jonny is our mate...'

5. The Music Fan:

No one knows how this guy is not deaf yet after listening to his music at the top volume. He will sport big headphones to cancel out any outside noise, happily oblivious to the fact that he is the main cause of noise in the carriage and that everyone around him can listen to his sick beats.

6. The Makeup Girl:

She either woke up late or had to leave home in a hurry, the makeup girl manages to do a full face of makeup in a small train journey and apply eye liner that does not look like a cardiograph. We admire those skills.

7. The PDA Couple:

Borderline inappropriate for a public place, the cute couple with the ample public displays of affection can make everyone around feel awkward. While most passengers would like to scream ‘get a room', they usually just avoid looking that direction.

8. The Hungry Guy:

Clearly unable to wait till he is home the hungry guy will have a quick bite on the train. He is mainly found having a rushed breakfast, a lunchtime snack on the go or a kebab and fried chicken after a night out.

9. The Chatterbox:

Unaware of the social norms in the tube, this one will start a conversation with anyone around. From the all time favourite topic of the weather to questions about where you live, work and come from you may feel like you're in an interview but, rest assured, people apparently talk to each other outside London.

10. The Staring Contest Winner:

He will not speak to you but he will keep looking at you for the duration of your ride and make you think you have something on you. Don't worry though, you just happen to be in his field of vision even if his mind is miles away.

11. The Proud Parent:

Usually surrounded by at least three to four kids which we are not sure if are all his, the proud parent will get into the carriage with a buggy and several bags and take up half the space. If you are lucky none of the kids will decide to start fighting or crying while you are still in the tube.

12. The Football Fan:

Mainly out when there is a game on, the Football Fan will wear a football top, scarf, hat and chant his team's anthem, you know, just in case you were still not sure whom he is supporting.

13. The Bookworm:

If knowledge is power, this guy is a superhero, with the following levels of evolution. Level one: newspaper. Level two: paperback. Level three: hardcover. Level four: kindle. Level five: All of the above but standing up.

14. The Gamer:

He is mainly playing Candy Crush and blocking out the rest of the world. Under no circumstance talk to him, because you may break his concentration and make him lose the level he's on.

15. The Pet Owner:

Usually accompanied by a dog, the pet owner will spend the whole train ride making sure his pet is close to him, does not bark or jump at other people and in general does not terrify everyone around it. Then he will swear never to take the dog on a train again. Well, at least until next time.

So, next time you are in the tube, look around you to spot these characters in your carriage. And if you are up for making some new friends have a look at citysocializer, to find lots of people going out to social days and nights out in London.


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