August 29, 2017

Are you part of the #5kCommuterClub?


Commuting to work has become a necessity for the vast majority of us. For example, many of our commutes involve driving to a commuter town, parking in the breezeblock fashioned station car park and then attempting to begin the work day on my laptop while awaiting another inevitable delay from one of the train franchises that so many of us hand our hard-earned cash over to.

However, when we look at the sky-high rents in London that make a huge amount of the city simply impossible to afford to live in for many of us, and the green spaces and larger living spaces that the country and commuter towns offer, it starts to seem a little less mad to make the daily pilgrimage to the smog.

Once you have made the decision that you are going to commute from outside the warm embrace of Zones 1-6, then the next thing that you are likely to encounter are the astronomically high season ticket prices. Which, by the way, are increasing next January by another 3.5%. If you are part of the slightly exclusive, but not in a good way, 5K Commuter Club, then you are going to see your ticket cost at least another £180 annually.

These rail fare increases seem to be unavoidable as they are based on the published inflation figures for July 2017. However, by using CommuterClub you are able to travel into 2018 at the lower prices from 2017 - sound good?

You will also benefit from one month of free travel, a gold card entitling you to 1/3 discount on off peak travel in the South East, a fully managed commuting service and access to benefits from our affiliate partners worth up to £300.

We can all use every bit of help we can get to save money, and CommuterClub is a low cost, low effort way to save you money every year.

What are you waiting for, become part of a club that you'd want to be part of, and steer clear of the 5K commuter club.