November 18, 2016

Check out these Interesting Results from the Annual UK Commuting Index!

People Tube

Are you one of thousands of Londoners that commute to work via public transport? Do you think you spend too much money commuting to work each month? Well then you aren't alone. The Annual UK Commuting Index has the answers to many questions you may be wondering about.

Is your commute taking too long?

Two thirds of responders spend over 6 hours per week on commuting with a third spending over 8 hours! During all that traveling time most commuters turn to technology to help pass the time. Two thirds (64.9%) of commuters listen to music which is the most popular activity, followed by reading a book and social media.

Do you spend too much on your commute?

The index showed that more than half (53.7%) of commuters spend £100-150 a month on commuting. Over the course of a year that's the equivalent of two month's average rent (£1500) on their travel tickets! That is a staggering amount of money to spend just to be able to get to work and make money.

How far are you traveling to work?

Among the responders the most popular zone to live in was zone 3 (39.4%) while most workers (70.2%) reported working in zone 1. Our founder Petko Plachkov attributes this to rising housing costs in London forcing people to move further away from the center of the city. Traveling between multiple zones significantly increases the price of travel, so this may be one of the reasons why Londoners pay so much each month on commuting.

What would improve your commute?

Three quarters (75.9%) of commuters say the number one thing that would most improve their journeys would be lower cost fares. Luckily this is CommuterClub's specialty!

So how about saving some cash?

CommuterClub is on the side of commuters and we have designed our product to deliver significant savings together with a simple and convenient monthly payment plan. By purchasing an Annual Travelcard through Commuterclub it's like buying 11 months and getting the 12th month free!

Better yet, we will reward you with up to another month of free travel if three friends sign up. You get £20 for each friend who joins and a cash bonus equivalent to one extra month of free travel if 3 friends join the club.* Each friend also receives £20! While we can't make trains run faster, we sure can help make sure you never overpay for your commute.

Footnote:* One month free travel equivalent to a Zone 1-2 Travelcard costing £124.50. Referees must complete 60 days with CommuterClub before payment of referral. 2016 Annual UK Commuting Index is composed of replies from 554 respondents.