November 25, 2018

Fare Freeze: Fact or Fiction?

Fare freeze Oyster card

You’ve probably seen the headlines: ‘TfL fares to be frozen for four years’, ‘Mayor confirms London transport fares freeze until 2020’ and so on. London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has stated that the fares freeze “will save the average household £200 over the next four year, putting money back into people’s pockets”. It certainly sounds like a great thing for Londoners, particularly for London commuters who already spend thousands of pounds a year traveling to work.

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Taking A Closer Look

As they say though, the devil’s in the detail. Look a little closer and things don’t look quite so rosy if you’re one of the millions of commuters who take the train to work. That’s because, in reality, only certain fares have been frozen:

  • Fares on buses and trams
  • Single pay as you go fares and paper single tickets on Tube and DLR services
  • Santander Cycles hire and access charges
  • Fares on Emirates Air Line

Notice something missing from that list? How about travelcards and weekly caps? If you travel regularly (like say, a commuter), chances are you buy monthly or weekly travelcards, or use contactless and rely on the weekly cap to keep costs down. Since all these options fall outside the TfL fare freeze, the cold, hard truth is that many commuters will see their travel bills continue to rise.

How To Save On Your Commute

So that’s it, you just have to accept that fares are going up and there’s nothing you can do about it?


Commuter Club is here to make sure you can still save on your commute, even if your fare goes up. And how do we do that? Well you might have heard of the annual season ticket. For regular commuters it’s cheaper per trip than other tickets - if you can afford to pay thousands up-front it’s the cheapest way to travel.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay thousands up-front. That's why we buy the annual ticket for you and let you pay for it in monthly installments. So it’s like commuting with a monthly travelcard but cheaper and easier because we handle everything online. And if you currently commute using contactless, you could be in for some serious savings.

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