November 11, 2015's Commuter Hacks

People Tube

Here at, we're all about keeping things clean and easy.


Commuting can be exhausting. We thought so too, so the guys at have put together a list of commuting hacks to help you get through the winter.

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is your saviour on the tube. Can you imagine how many people have touched those handrails? If you're wondering, we made a list of germ hotspots around the home so you can worry about that too.


Tissues are less for you and more of a preventative measure for others - after all, how disgusting is it when someone needs a tissue and doesn't use one?


Always bring a bottle of water with you. The air in the tube is much drier and warmer than above-ground, and you should be prepared in case of long delays or overcrowding.

Travel mug

Getting onto the Northern Line at 8:35 on a gloomy morning is stressful at the best of times. It's even worse when you haven't had your coffee yet. Buy one of these Friends-themed travel mugs and be reminded of happier times.

Something to read

There's nothing worse than a long commute with nothing to do but avoid making eye contact with the person sitting opposite you. Make the most of your journey and finish that book you've been reading since summer.

Healthy snacks

It's 6:15PM, you're on the bus and you suddenly realise the last thing you ate was half a biscuit around 2 o'clock. It's at least 45 minutes until you get home and then you have to cook. Nourishment has never seemed so far away. You crack and buy a chocolate bar, ruining your appetite for dinner and feeling guilty.

Sound familiar? Avoid the pre-dinner panic by bringing healthy snacks to eat on your commute, like dried fruit and nuts, seed mixes or dark chocolate.


Is the pressure of being crammed into a small space with a bunch of dirty strangers getting to you? Try Headspace, the mindfulness app. Headspace walks you through mindfulness-based meditations to give you a sense of inner calm in a hectic world.

If all that seems too much for you, there's always the option of a good game! Distract yourself with some bright colours and sounds.

Can't bear public transport anymore? That's okay, we've cribbed together a few hacks on how to keep your car clean, too.