August 16, 2017

How to get ahead of the 3.5% fare increase

Fast Tube

The rail industry delivered some genuinely bad news for commuters on Tuesday. Regulated fares will go up by up to 3.5% across Britain's railways and Tfl season ticket users next year. This includes all season tickets and 'anytime' tickets around major cities. Unfortunately, this is bad news for commuters who have no choice but to pay this, simply to get to and from work. It's no fun going to work only to pay for the journey you're taking to work...

The increase of fares by 3.5% is the highest in the last 5 years and nearly double compared to last year's 1.9% rise. In fact, commuters have had to endure total fare rises of 32% in the last 8 years. And finally, the cherry on the cake, this is on top of recent significant disruptions on the affecting a large number of commuters into London this summer.

As commuting continues to be a top 3 household expense representing over 10% of disposable income, fare increase news are causing genuine concerns to UK commuters. For example, a commuter travelling from Reading to London Zones 1-6 is looking to pay a further £184 over the next year on top of the already high cost of £5116. As more and more people depend on the rail industry to get to work, more emphasis needs to be placed on improving the infrastructure and using innovation to deliver a better value proposition to modern consumers.

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