November 16, 2017

Our 2017 Guide to avoid the Fare Hikes

Lock in Fares

By now, you've heard a lot about the fare hikes. The good news is that our hard-working team put together a simple guide to answer all your burning questions, and help you get ahead of the increase.

What’s the increase this year?

In August, the rail industry (including TfL) announced a 3.5% price raise for 2018—making it the largest increase in the last five years. Every year, TfL and rail operators increase prices based on the Retail Price Index, a measure of annual inflation. Since 2010, however, rail prices have increased at twice the rate of wages, as if commuting wasn't expensive enough. 

To put things into perspective the 3.6% fare rise is nearly equivalent to the cost of 2 additional weeks of travel!

Am I going to be affected?

If you commute regularly, you will be affected. Why?

Starting January 2018, ALL Weekly, Monthly, and Annual season tickets are subject to the 3.5% price increase.

Let’s take an example. If you were travelling from Reading to London Zones 1-6, your annual payment would rise by £184— pushing the already high cost to an exorbitant £5300 for a single year of travel! 

Commuting is already one of the top 3 household expenses in the UK, and the 2018 price raise will only make this burden worse for UK commuters.

What if I use contactless or PAYG?

You've heard about Sadiq Khan's fare freeze and think you may be able to avoid paying more? Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. 

The fare freeze mostly applies to infrequent riders. If you are commuting at least 4 days per week, you will be subject to the same 3.6% price raise as the other oyster and rail tickets. This is because the weekly cap on contactless payments is reached after four days of travel, and that cap is to be increased by the same 3.6%. 

However, there is a way to avoid the increase…

How do I freeze my fare?

The good news is that you can get ahead of hike! By joining CommuterClub before 1 Jan 2018, you’ll keep on 2017 prices throughout 2018.

How? Our value proposition is simple. We buy an annual ticket on your behalf and let you pay back in 11 monthly installments. That way you get a month of FREE travel and peace of mind knowing you never need to worry about fare hikes, topping up or queuing to buy a weekly or monthly ticket. Even better, our friendly customer service team will take care of all your commuting needs!

Looking to lock in your current fares? Be sure to sign up now, before the prices go up!

Ready to get started?

Lower rates aren’t the only thing you get with a CommuterClub membership—you also get a free month off your annual travel! Thanks to the value of annual tickets, only eleven monthly payments are necessary for a year’s worth of travel. Membership comes with plenty of other benefits, including hundreds of 2-for-1 deals across London and over £300 worth of savings from partners like Fitness First and Odeon! For more info about membership benefits, click here!