October 28, 2016

Our Best Offer Yet! Hurry, it Ends November 7th!

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It's getting cold out there now, and nobody wants to be stuck walking in the cold. We all have one of those friends that would rather walk instead of paying a few pounds to get on the tube. You don't want to walk, but you can't leave your friend, so you're forced to go on a long cold walk. By the time you get to your destination you've had enough of the cold!

At CommuterClub we know how this can be annoying so we've come up with an unprecedented offer that will put a smile on your face for many months to come. If you tell 5 friends about CommuterClub you can travel for FREE for up to THREE MONTHS!* What better Christmas present can you ask for? Hurry though, it's a limited time offer!

Still thinking about it? Here's 5 reasons why you should refer your friends:

1) What's better than one free month of travel? THREE! If you refer 5 friends to join the club, you can get up to THREE months of free travel.* We're practically giving away free months of travel.

2) Your friends will love you for saving them money! Each friend gets one month of free travel, £20 discount and locked-in 2016 fares. Maybe if they are really nice, they'll take you out for a nice dinner with the money they saved.

3)Never queue at a ticket machine again! With CommuterClub you pay via convenient direct debit every month so you never need to wait in line again! Better yet, you won't miss the tube waiting for your friend to top up.

4) No more long cold walks! You get free travel* and your friend can now ride the tube with you!

5) Now you can finally splurge on a Christmas gift for yourself or a friend! Guilt-free! You'll give your bank balance a break and can feel good about better managing your finances.

Hurry up and tell your friends about CommuterClub before it's too late! Don't miss out, we can all use some extra spending money this Christmas! Offer ends November 7th.

Note: Two months free travel equivalent to a Zone 1-3 Travelcard costing £215 for two months of travel. Referees apply by 7th November and complete 60 days with CommuterClub before payment of referral.