November 30, 2015

Survival Tips on Working at Christmas


Christmas is creeping upon us, needing money to get all your family Christmas gifts, which you haven't made out of pasta this time? However you can't stop thinking about the nightmare stories, you've heard about working at Christmas? Does this sound like you?

Well look no further, here at StudentJob UK, we have come up with a 5 top survival tips for all you students working this crazy Christmas period. So before jumping into the deep end, stop what you're doing and listen to this great advice.

1. Stay Strong

Ho, No, No! Working these Christmas months, can be extremely stressful for both the customers and the employers like yourselves. So don't panic, keep and calm and ride the wave. Being confident and polite will get you through this rough period. Yes some customers maybe rude and annoying, but we would recommend to think of something else. For example what you will spend all the money you've earned on. A holiday or a new outfit to wear, some awesome gifts, I wonder what it will be.

2. Home Comforts

One of the most important tips we can give you is to appreciate those home comforts. Home cooked meals, you're washing being done for you and a warm place to stay. So when you're working those cold winter days or evenings, just think of all those home comforts you get to go to when you finally finish your shift. Trust us, these thoughts can get you through the toughest of days!

3. Relax, please do it!

Relaxation is key! Stressful, cold and hard shifts during the Christmas period, can send you crazy! This is why it is so important that you make time to relax, whether it's the odd hour or day here or there, then grab it and hold it tight with both hands. This time is so precious as it can help you get through those crazy Christmas shifts. A way of relaxation you may want to do is take up a hobby something you enjoy. A different environment may help you to relax and have something to look forward to. In addition it's a great way to unload your stress and be ready for the next day.

4. All in the same boat

Take a minute and look around you, everyone is in the same boat! It's not just you working those long hours, it's not just you who has to come to work in the cold and darks, it's not only you. Why suggest after work drinks with everyone to de-stress and talk about your stressful day. You never know it may even make you cry with...laughter, yes we said laughter. In addition it will be great chance for you to meet new people from all different cultures and backgrounds, going out of your comfort circle and not always hanging around with the same friends, maybe refreshing once in a while.

5. Enjoy your experience

All in all our best advice to you is enjoy it, yes it will be a challenging experience and yes you will find it hard from time to time, but it wouldn't be fun if you didn't have these things from time to time. In addition these challenges you will find will benefit you in ways you may not have even thought of. For examples the amount of skills you will gain, an addition to your CV, and the build in confidence you will have, all these things and many more you will have and be able to treasure for a long period of time. So stop stressing and enjoy yourself, you may even do the same next year!

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By Olivia Webster - Online Marketing Manager at StudentJob UK