August 17, 2016

THE NIGHT TUBE IS FINALLY HERE - the pros, cons and all you need to know!

Night tube map

The days of sprinting for the last tube at 11:50 are over! The official launch of the night tube is on August 19th and London is buzzing. Even though it is only available at certain times and on certain lines, it is great to see London take a step into the future!

Which lines?

The service will launch on the Central and Victoria lines. But don't fret! Services on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines have been reported to follow if the launch is successful.


The Central and Victoria lines will operate 24 hours a day from the 19th, on Fridays and Saturdays. With majority of the tubes arriving every 10/15 minutes.


Fortunately, there is no boost in prices, as standard off-peak fares will apply and until 4:29am travel cards can be used. Hoorah!

So, should we jump up and down with joy at the thought of TFL by night? Or is the seemingly extravagant notion of the night tube truly a chimera? Here's a list of pros and cons to help you make your decision...


1. No more extortionate cab fares.

Money saving is always a crowd pleaser! (However it's at a price; you will no longer be able to ooooh and aaaah as you drive across Waterloo Bridge.)

2. No more trauma with attempting to catch the last train

Now you can actually enjoy the party without having to rush off like Cinderella at midnight so that you catch the ‘last tube.' And honestly, losing one of your shoes would really be a bad way to end the night. You will no longer have to cut your night short and suffer the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out.)

3. Party-hopping

Who doesn't like a never ending party?

4. It is reported to boost London's economy by £360m.

This point is fairly self-explanatory; a bit of profit doesn't harm anyone.

5. Not more night bus

It's hot, it's stuffy, the fan is unnecessarily loud and often it's eerily empty - not fun.

6. Making 24-hour tube friends

Although in the morning Londoners on the tube seem understandably unfriendly, (waking up at 6am is never a walk in the park), after midnight it's an entirely different ballpark. Friendly heart-to-hearts, profound conversations and don't forget the inevitable drunken tube sing-a-longs.


1. Drunken 24-hour tube sing-a-longs

More fun when you're a member of the intoxicated choir, less fun when you're on your way back from a night shift.

2. Not being able to use the last train as an excuse

What if you're stuck at a positively pathetic party and you can't escape? What pitiful excuse will you use then? Or even worse a bad date... Get your paper and pen out Londoners - this explanation is going to need some extensive planning.

3. More opportunity for signal failure/engineering works

When will they do all those essential night-time tube repairs?!

4. Tube strikes will probably be frequent

You can almost picture the headlines already...

5. The colossal amount of cash to be unavoidably spent on staying out longer

Paying £15 for a cocktail at overrated bars is entirely inescapable in London town. The night tube leaves Londoners wallets feeling much more empty than they would have before.

The final verdict ... The night tube is certainly an exciting development and at CommuterClub we are excited to see any change giving Londoners the flexibility they need. Therefore, London will leap into the night tube at ease knowing that TFL has our back. This is a fresh, exciting idea that was meant to be implemented last year and if nothing else we should look forward to the exhilarating burst of the unknown!