July 12, 2020

The Safer Travel Pledge

Safer Travel Pledge

As lockdown measures begin to relax, Britain’s train companies have published their pledge to maximise space, boost cleaning, help with hygiene, and improve information to ensure passengers can travel safely. Under the Safer Travel Pledge, train companies will be doing eight things to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

1. Add more trains and extra carriages in timetables to make more room and help with social distancing

2. Display new social distancing signs so passengers know where to go, are able to stay 2m apart more easily, and can avoid pinch points

3. Use powerful fog cleaning on trains and ensure trains and stations cleaned more frequently throughout the day

4. Restock soap more often on trains and in stations so it’s easier for passengers to keep their hands virus-free

5. Install face covering and hand sanitiser vending machines at over 150 stations so passengers can more easily buy what they need

6. Install hand sanitiser points in over 300 stations so passengers can protect themselves on the go

7. Alert passengers to busy trains via Messenger app. Search ‘National Rail’ on your Messenger app to get started

8. Deploy up to 2,500 extra staff available at key locations to help passengers along their journeys

In addition to the measures train companies are taking to ensure passenger safety, passengers can also do their bit.

1. Try to travel at quieter times and maintain your distance from others wherever possible

2, Wash your hands before and after every journey and carry hand sanitiser so you can keep your hands virus-free on the go

3. Wear a face covering throughout your journey, but remember that not all passengers will be able to due to hidden disabilities and medical conditions

4. Check before you travel for updates on your journey by visiting nationalrail.co.uk or signing up for alerts on 

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