February 5, 2017

What is a London Travelcard?

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With over 3 million people commuting within London every day, TFL have designed a few ways to help Londoners save money on their journeys without having to buy each way tickets.

The introduction of Oyster and Contactless have made things far simpler and you can just tap your way in and out and the ticketing system works out the correct price for you.

However, Travelcards take this one step further to help regular London commuters save more money.

So, what is a London Travelcard?

These come in the form of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly London Travelcard passes; with each option saving you more and more money across the year.

How does it work?

Travelcard's essentially charge you a fixed rate for the aforementioned time periods and you can travel unlimited amounts within your given zone.

This normally works out cheaper if you are commuting at least twice a day. And if you're taking the whole family on a tour around London for the day, this could save you a LOT!

Here's an example of a regular London commuter:

Betty arrives at London Liverpool Street station and catches the Circle Line and Northern line in order to get to her office at Edgware. This passes through 4 zones and could either pay the fare each way twice a day every day of her commute, or instead she could buy a travelcard to save herself money.

Because she works 5 days a week, the most affordable option would be to buy a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly London Travelcard for zones 1-4. She realises that a weekly is much better value over the course of the week than a daily: £47.30 compared to £61.50 a week.

She then also realises that a monthly is much better value than buying 4 weeklies: £181.70 compared to £189.20 a month. She could purchase an annual pass for £1,892 and save a bit more but this is a bit too much for her to pay in one go.

Take a minute to work out how much you could save, by checking out the London Travelcard prices here.

How to buy a London Travelcard

There's a few ways to get your hands on a Travelcard. You could buy them online or visit a ticket office at your local underground station and get them to load it onto your oyster or issue you a ticket.

Or you do have a third option that is designed to take the savings listed above 1 step even further and save even more off your daily commute.

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So, what does Commuter Club do?

Commuter Club has a simple mission: to help London Commuters cut back on the almost £300 million a year of overspending on underground travel!

They give you the full benefits of owning an annual Travelcard (the most cost-effective method), but issue it to you at the same flexible monthly rate of a monthly. Then on top of this they give you a whole month of unlimited travel completely free!

Say you commute within zones 1-6 five days a week.

In such a case you can either fork out £2,408 for an annual rail season ticket up front; or you could choose Commuter Club and instead make 11 equal monthly payments of £231.20 (just as you would with TFL) and then by the time your 12th month comes around, they give it to you completely free.

Saving £231.20 across the year!

Here's a few other points to bear in mind:

As well as the normal Gold Card benefits you can expect to receive through TFL (such as 1/3 off any off-peak rail travel in SE England), members also get access to a multitude of other Commuter Club exclusive benefits.

This same offer of getting your 12th month free also applies to those travelling by rail ALL ACROSS the UK.

Commuter Club is now a trusted service used by 1000's of commuter every day.

Representative example: Credit limit: £1,200. Interest: £67 Total payable: £1,267 in 11 monthly installments of £115. Representative 10.6% APR. Interest rate: 5.6% pa (variable)