December 22, 2017

Working over Christmas – a survival guide (it’s not just Santa that’s still working hard!)

Commuters on train

We know that not everyone is lucky enough to clock off on the 22nd and have an extended break until 2018.  So, how do you get through the festive period if you are rostered on?  You can either adopt a “bah humbug” attitude and pretend the whole thing doesn’t exist, or follow our tips below and bring some festive cheer to the workplace.

-       Make the effort to get to know colleagues you don’t normally talk to.  There are likely to be far fewer people around, so why not take the opportunity to cross the floor and introduce yourself.  It could be useful networking, or at least provide you with someone to pop to the pub with after work!

-       Take advantage of flexible working arrangements. Most companies will be willing to allow for a later start, or an earlier finish.  If it’s not offered, it might be worth asking whilst your boss is in the holiday spirit.

-       Create a festive atmosphere.  If your company allows, why not play some music and bring in some seasonal treats for your co-workers to enjoy.

-       Enjoy the quiet commute. With trains, tubes and buses much quieter than usual, make the most of getting a seat and start that novel you’ve been meaning to read.

If it’s too cold to venture outside in your lunch break, why not put the time to good use and sort out your travel for 2018?  As the train companies have announced a 3.5% price increase, the biggest hike in five years, your time will be well spent joining CommuterClub now.  Join before the 1st January to lock in 2017 fares for the whole of 2018.

Lower rates aren’t the only thing you get with a CommuterClub membership—you also get a free month off your annual travel. Thanks to the value of annual tickets, only eleven monthly payments are necessary for a whole year of travel. Membership comes with a host of other benefits, including hundreds of 2-for-1 deals across London and over £300 worth of savings from partners, such as Fitness First and Odeon.