May 5, 2020

An Update from the CEO

As promised, here is an update on the current COVID-19 crisis and how we're working to help our members through it. You can also watch my update:

An Update from the CEO from Commuter Club on Vimeo.

1.       Government lobbying

Since the beginning of the lockdown we have been lobbying for commuter rights. We are thrilled to see the Chair of the Transport Select Committee, Huw Merriman MP, take up this cause with a call to: allow season ticket holders to ‘pause’ their during lockdown, improve the way refunds are calculated and waive the administration fee charged by the rail industry.

We will continue to share updates, especially for customers coming to the end of their tickets.

2.       Cancellations

Our contact centres still have thousands of emails to get through, but we are prioritising processing cancellations as much as possible within the 30 days standard agreed terms despite the massive increase in requests compared to normal times. Over 70% of cancellations where we received a ticket or evidence of an invalidated ticket have now been processed. Thank you for your patience while we process the remaining enquiries.

If you have not yet started your cancellation, you can do this on your dashboard, accessible here. We cannot start the process until we receive your ticket or you upload evidence the ticket has been invalidated so please go to your dashboard to start the process.

3.       Delays with suppliers

Rail companies are experiencing serious delays with processing refunds. Most of our suppliers are seeing a 2 weeks delay with some seeing a longer delay.

The rail industry requires every cancellation to be physically processed on a machine and due to the requirement for staff to work from home and obey strict social distancing rules, the processing capacity in the industry have been reduced by over 50% while refund requests increased by 2000% compared to normal times.

We are doing everything we can to expedite processing and we will be releasing more express slots where Commuter Club takes over processing and expedites the outcome for the customer. We will send out an email soon with more information on how you can sign up for these slots if you need your cancelation processed sooner. If we’ve processed your cancellation and you have a question, please bear with us as our contact centre will come back to you but this will take a bit more than usual.

4.       Cancellations FAQs

We updated our COVID-19 page with the most frequently asked questions, please check it out before sending an email.

Thank you all for your patience in these difficult times. We will continue to provide updates and please keep safe in the meantime.