June 29, 2016

London Tube Fare rises not so fair?

Fast Tube

Did you know that tube fares have almost doubled in the last 10 years? It now seems unthinkable that the cost of a cash single tube journey in zones 1-4 evolved from £2.6 in 2000 to £5.9 in 2016. Every years fares have increased by a percentage amount in line with inflation placing furthur burden on commuters. Our customers told us that commuting is a top 3 household expense representing over 10% of disposable income. And the fare increases hit rail customers even more given the annual ticket value can be up to £10k.

After initially promising to freeze fares, Sadiq Khan, the new mayor of London announced this month that fares will indeed rise for all commuters using daily, weekly, monthly and annual tickets. This will likely affect all savvy regular commuters who already do the best they can and optimise their spending by taking advantage of season tickets.

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