August 11, 2020

We're working with our partner Premium Credit to bring discounted travel to our key workers

Premium Credit and Commuter Club partnership

In these unprecedented times, most workers who can are remaining home and working remotely. But there are still many with key roles whose commutes must go on. Within this group NHS and care workers play critical roles. Organisations across the world are finding ways to make their lives that little bit easier and, working in partnership with Premium Credit, we intend to do the same.

The cost of commuting can account for more than 10% of workers’ incomes in the UK. At a time when many are facing financial stress from reduced household incomes, increased utility bills, and restricted services, it is important to do what we can to ease such a significant financial burden.

Commuter Club's CEO, Irina Iovita says, "We greatly value the work and sacrifices of our key workers. While many of us have been able to work from home during this time, we realise that many key workers must continue to commute - we hope this key worker discount will go some way to easing a little of the financial stress COVID-19 has been responsible for."

Roger Brown, Chief Commercial Officer for Specialist Lending at Premium Credit says, "In 2019, Premium Credit entered into a long-term agreement to provide Commuter Club and its customers with stable guaranteed funding at guaranteed rates. The disruption caused by COVID-19 has been severe for commuters and especially those who deliver key services that protect us all.  And that is why we are very excited to partner with the Commuter Club on this superb initiative for Key Workers that recognises the critical work they perform every day.  We hope that by playing our small part, we’re able to help get Key Workers moving again."

Commuter Club and Premium Credit have worked together since 2019 to bring the savings of the annual season ticket within reach of commuters nationwide (not just those who can afford the high upfront cost). With this discount for NHS and care workers, we are making commuting even more affordable for those who deserve it most.

If you are a key worker, just click here to order your Commuter Club ticket with 65% off the first month.