July 17, 2019

Why are we crowdfunding?

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Over the last 5 years, Commuter Club has saved UK commuters over £10 million. Now we’re on our way to becoming the go-to hub for commuters.

To help us reach this goal, we’ve been raising money through the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. We’ve already raised nearly £2.2 million from over 600 investors so we’re well on our way to reaching our goal of £2.3-2.5 million. But that means there’s still time for you to get involved!  

With that in mind, you might be wondering exactly how we plan to use this new investment. Well read on and wonder no more… The short version is we’ll be using this investment round to supercharge our growth, improve our core platform, and upgrade key skills across product, marketing and engineering. And here’s the slightly longer version:


Invest in the core platform

We’re in the process of onboarding a new lending partner that will lower our costs and help improve the customer experience. We’ll also be developing our self-service portal to improve operating costs and make our customers’ lives a little easier.


Upgrade skills in product, marketing and engineering

We’ll be making key hires to build expertise and capability in our product, marketing and engineering teams. This coincides with plans for two important launches later in the year. Firstly, we’ll be evolving our ticket finder tool which will help the 85% of UK commuters on the wrong ticket find the one that’s right for them. Then, we’ll be rolling out the Commuter Club smartcard which will improve the user experience, reduce risk and facilitate new revenue opportunities.


Grow and acquire customers

New investment will fuel our marketing growth and brand building which will in turn help us grow our loan book and build a self-sustaining back-book of customers.


It’s an incredibly exciting time for us here at Commuter Club and we want to give you chance to join us on this journey and share in our success. It won’t be long now before we set a closing date for the round, so take a look at our campaign page today and get involved!