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How can CommuterClub help me?

Commuter Club lowers the cost of travel for regular commuters without having to pay large sums up front.

With Commuter Club you pay a regular monthly amount and typically save hundreds of pounds per year, compared to buying monthly or weekly tickets, or using contactless.

On top of that, members avoid queuing at ticket machines as Commuter Club sends your ticket or Oystercard directly to your home.

To find out how much you would save on your commute, click here

What are the savings for a UK commuter?

Annual tickets are priced at a big discount costing the equivalent of 40x 7-Day or 10.4x Monthly tickets for a full year of travel.

We charge interest of 5.6% on the cost of an Annual, allowing you to spread the price into 12 payments with reduced price in months 1 and 12 and 10 instalments at the price of a monthly ticket in months 2 to 11, which means you receive 4 weeks totally free. Specifically, the first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks in a 12 month period are free. You also lock in fares for the next 12 months, keeping current prices even after the rail operators raise prices in January.

In addition, you receive lots of extra free benefits like a Gold Card, giving you 1/3rd off rail travel in the South East and exclusive deals with our partners.

Note that in month 12 you will make a full month payment and subject to no arrears on the account you will receive a cash back payment directly into your account equivalent to 50% of the payment made i.e. 2 weeks of free travel.

What does the service cost?

To see what your monthly payments would be, and what savings you would make over the course of a year, click here.

My ticket has not arrived - what should I do?

We do everything we can to make sure you receive your ticket in time by booking delivery via Courier or Royal Mail Signed For. If your ticket has not arrived, the first step is to check with Royal Mail or your courier. You will find a Royal Mail tracking number or courier telephone number on your Order Dispatch email which typically arrives 3-4 days before the ticket start date. Due to the high value of rail tickets they need to be signed for. Please make sure that someone is available to sign for your ticket at the address provided (or is able to collect from the post office), as we cannot compensate for delays caused by not being at home!

If you think your ticket is lost in the post, please get in touch as soon as possible. If your ticket is lost, we can order a replacement at any time from its start date onwards.

How can I save when you charge interest?

Because we buy a very cheap annual ticket for you with a low interest rate credit agreement, the annual cost of your travel will be significantly lower than buying monthly or weekly tickets, or using contactless.

To see what your monthly payments would be and what savings you would make over the course of a year, click here.

Can I really cancel anytime?

Yes. By becoming a Commuter Club member you never have to pay for a ticket you don't need anymore.

You will only ever pay for the period during which you had your ticket and the amount of interest due is calculated based on the monthly cost of your ticket.

If you cancel during the 12 months that your ticket is valid for, any discounts or free travel you received during that period will be reclaimed on cancellation.

Does everyone save money?

Most regular commuters will save money with Commuter Club. Part-time workers or irregular commuters travelling less than 3 days a week may be better off with other ticket types which can be purchased from our retail platform.

Having said that, the additional benefits you get from being a member are valuable, and many customers use Commuter Club for the ease and convenience of the online purchase system, home delivery and the great advantage of not having to queue for tickets or top ups.

If you prefer to pay for an annual ticket upfront rather than taking advantage of our monthly repayment plan, you can do so via our retail platform and we will send your ticket straight to your home.

If your employer offers an interest-free ticket loan scheme, we suggest you review the terms and conditions to make sure itís the right choice. We also offer employer schemes should you wish to recommend Commuter Club to your employer.

How does CommuterClub work?

The cheapest ticket for any regular commute is the Annual Season Ticket. Unfortunately, these tickets typically cost thousands of pounds up front and so very few commuters buy them.

Commuter Club solves this problem by buying an annual ticket for you on a credit agreement. The annual savings from this ticket are bigger than the cost of the credit to buy it, so you get to save while still paying monthly. For more information on how it works, click here.

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