How can I share Commuter Club with friends?

Commuter Club is all about sharing and saving as a community. That is why we offer you the chance to save even more by sharing Commuter Club with friends and colleagues!

For every friend you refer who joins Commuter Club, they will receive £20 off their first payment and you will receive £20 straight in to your bank account.

Referring is easy. Once you join Commuter Club, you will receive your own unique referral code. Whenever a friend uses that link to successfully signup, you are credited with that referral.

The best thing is that the more you refer - the more credit you get! After three successful referrals you will get a bonus of £20, and after five successful referrals you will get a bonus of £50 - so all in all you could get up to £170!

How do I get paid?

Once your friend successfully signs up and completes two months with Commuter Club (60 days after their first payment) you will get paid the £20 straight into your bank account on file.

We will send you an email letting you know of a successful referral and we will pay you within 14 working days.

Can I refer friends even if I am not a member?

Absolutely. As long as you register your email address with Commuter Club you will receive a unique url to share.

You can then share your code with friends or colleagues and if they successfully signup and complete two months with us, we will contact you by email to arrange payment.

What if my friend cancels?

If your friend cancels in their first 60 days the discount they receive will be deducted from their refund and you will not receive your referral bonus.

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