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I want to cancel

You can cancel your Commuter Club season ticket at any time. We don’t charge a fee for this (unless you choose our express service), but an amount may still be due to us for the time you have held your ticket, and you will need to return your ticket.

How do you calculate any amount due?

With Commuter Club, we provide you with an annual season ticket, and you pay for this via an initial payment and a loan, repaid in monthly payments.

When you cancel your ticket, we use the refund from your ticket towards early settlement of the loan. Depending on when you cancel, there may be an additional amount required to settle the loan, or there may be an amount refunded to you.

The refund value of an annual ticket is calculated using National Rail rules. These take the cost of the ticket, minus what weekly or monthly tickets would have cost for the duration that the ticket was held. This means that the discount of the annual ticket is lost, (and the ticket has no refund value in the last 6 weeks of validity).

Your outstanding loan amount is calculated by taking the amount you have borrowed plus interest and other costs, and deducting repayments made.

If the refund value of the ticket is greater than outstanding loan amount, we will repay the difference to you.

If the refund value of the ticket is less than the outstanding loan amount, you will pay the difference to allow us to settle the loan on your behalf.

Illustrative example:

An example agreement has a monthly payment of £251, with a 50% discount in month 1 (i.e. a payment of £125 in month 1).

A cancellation is requested, and the ticket is returned after 6 months of use.

The ticket has a refund value of £1148. This is calculated by taking the cost of the ticket (£2708) less the cost of 6 monthly tickets (£260 x 6 = £1560).

The outstanding value of the loan is approximately £1410.

The difference is £1410 - £1148 = £262 that would be owed if cancelled at this point.

Why is the cost calculated this way?

Annual season tickets offer great savings compared to monthly season tickets. However, National Rail rules are that when annual tickets are cancelled part way through the year, these savings are forfeited. Your travel cost is then calculated based on what you would have paid using monthly and/or weekly season tickets.

How do I cancel my ticket?

The easiest way is to login to your Commuter Club dashboard, and follow the steps online. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected]

I’ve got a Smartcard ticket, do I still need to return it?

No, for smartcards we can usually process the cancellation without you sending the ticket back. We will confirm if this is the case during the cancellation process.

As part of our commitment to being totally fair and transparent, we will share our calculations with you when we discuss what you need to pay.