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Annual Mcard Terms & Conditions

MCard is a smartcard designed for use within West Yorkshire. The Annual MCard is a PhotoCard which is pre-loaded with either an:

  • Annual Countywide Bus Only
  • Annual Countywide Bus + Rail Zones 1-3
  • Annual Countywide Bus + Rail Zones 1-4
  • Annual Countywide Bus + Rail Zones 1-5
  • Annual Countywide Bus + Rail Zones 2-5

All Annual MCards are valid on virtually all ordinary stopping bus services within West Yorkshire. Exceptions are NightRiders, football or concert specials, long distance coaches, excursions, tours, contract, chartered or other privately hired bus or train services.

By purchasing an Annual MCard you accept the terms and conditions set out below, and by travelling on an individual operator's vehicles or rolling stock you accept the terms and conditions of travel that may apply under any conditions set by the individual operator concerned.

In addition, passengers are subject to PCV Regulations and local byelaws. General terms of use

Purchasing terms and conditions

  • First-time applicants for Annual MCards are required to apply with a full-face passport type photograph. Each applicant will then be issued an Annual MCard with the travel they have selected pre-loaded onto the card.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the details on the card are correct in every respect. Failure to do so could later result in confiscation of the MCard, the issue of an Excess Fare and/or prosecution.
  • MCards may not be used in advance of the starting date.

Holder's responsibilities

Before using the MCard, the holder must ensure that it is valid for the intended journey as follows:

  • That a travel ticket has been loaded onto the MCard
  • That the travel ticket covers the required modes of transport and the area within which travel is intended
  • That the travel ticket is valid for the date of travel
  • That the MCard is not defaced or damaged in any way.

Failure to do so could later result in confiscation of the MCard, charging of an Excess Fare and /or prosecution.

The MCard must be shown on request to the driver when boarding any bus, to any authorised person engaged in revenue enforcement and when passing through a train station barrier or to the conductor on the train.

The MCard must also be shown for inspection on request by employees of West Yorkshire Combined Authority or participating operating companies. The MCard must be surrendered if an irregularity is observed.

Important notes

a) MCard, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and bus and train operators will make every reasonable effort to maintain services, but will not be liable for any loss, expense, claim damage, injury or inconvenience that passengers may sustain arising directly or indirectly from failure to operate a particular service. Subject to the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

b) If there is a major withdrawal of services due to industrial action, West Yorkshire Combined Authority may apply special arrangements concerning refunds. Refunds are made only if the MCard is surrendered to a Metro Travel Centre or sent by post to Metro Concessions and Integrated Ticketing Department, 40-50 Wellington Street, Leeds LS1 2DE. Such arrangements will be publicised at the time, but will not apply to withdrawals of services lasting three consecutive days or less nor in respect of the first three days of a longer stoppage. Refunds are not normally made for a withdrawal or interruption of rail services but train operators will consider claims on their merits as part of their Passenger's Charter commitment.

c) MCard reserves the right on behalf of participating operators to alter the MCard prices and conditions of use at any time on reasonable notice. However, the Annual MCard is protected from price increase until the card's expiry date.

d) For the purposes of these conditions MCard is the West Yorkshire Ticketing Company Ltd.

e) For refunds for Annual MCards, please contact Commuter Club in the first instance to cancel your credit agreement.