At Commuter Club we believe everyone has the right to a better commute.

It started back in 2012, when we noticed the cheapest travel was only available to those who were able and willing to spend thousands of pounds up front on an annual ticket. This seemed unfair, so we created Commuter Club’s award-winning subscription service.

Our customers pay on a monthly basis while saving hundreds of pounds a year compared to what they would pay if they were buying monthly tickets. The savings are even greater when compared to the cost of buying weeklies or using contactless.

Using Commuter Club also means our customers never have to waste their time queuing for tickets or top ups at ticket machines.

However, saving money is just the beginning. We want to go further. We want to help our customers save time, money and hassle in every aspect of their commute.

To find out more about our service, visit the How it Works page. Looking for a better commute? Join the club.

Start Saving Now

Build a better way

We never rest, we are always looking to better ourselves, our service and ultimately the customer's life that sits around their commute.

Make it easy for our commuters

Saving commuters time, hassle and money isn't just about buying tickets or digital products, it's in everything we do.

Be the commuter champion

We are passionate about revolutionising the broken system. We want our brand/product to stand out from the crowd by fighting for our commuters' cause.

The Founders

Petko Plachkov

Petko started as a consultant with McKinsey working with some of the UK's biggest banks. Petko has worked with financial providers in New York, Madrid and Cape Town. He has now set his sights on bringing London commuters a cheaper and better way to travel. Petko lives near London Bridge with his partner.

Imran Gulamhuseinwala

Imran has lived and worked in London his entire life, working in the financial sector with Oliver Wyman, Bridgepoint and EY. He came up with the idea for Commuter Club whilst packed into a crowded tube train. Imran lives in West London with his three children.

Irina Iovita

Irina started as a strategy consultant with Booz & Company and PwC, advising global banks on strategic and operational issues. Eager to grow a fintech start-up, Irina left her corporate life behind to embrace entrepreneurship as CommuterClub's COO. She is focused on driving ambitious growth as part of the larger vision to change the way people pay for their commute and bring smart lending to the transport space.


Will Becker

Will is a serial entrepreneur within digital media. He launched Advertising.com in Europe and served as European MD until its sale to AOL Time Warner for $435 million. Subsequently Will co-founded and serves as Chairman at Media Ingenuity a consumer fin-tech company which has twice appeared in the Tech Track 100 and operates credit-focused comparison site TotallyMoney.com.