June 26, 2017

Save £300 on your commute, spend it on...

London Fintech

By now you must know that lucky Commuter Club members save on average £300. By joining our Club, you get the big discounts of annual tickets without the upfront cost or commitment, and if you decide to stay with us for 11 months you get a month completely free not to mention access to lots of exclusive benefits!

And this brings us to one of our favourite topics. How can a savvy Londoner spend such generous savings...?

Stock up the wine cellar - Now your wallet is bulging, what better excuse to stock up on booze? If you pop down to Waitrose, you can pick up 22 bottles of Campo Viejo Tempranillo red wine, or if you fancy something a bit fizzier, 7 bottles of Moet from Tesco.

Indulge in some much-needed shopping - Whether upgrading your summer wardrobe or your tech, £300 can go a long way. You could splash out on a 64GB Apple TV for £179 from the Apple Store, and even treat yourself to a night in with a good film. And while you're at it, make sure you pick up a bag of popcorn and tub of ice cream. Feel like going out? Make the most of our 1/3 off discount on Odeon savings anywhere in the UK.

The foody - What better way to enjoy a Friday night in London than treating yourself to the Tasting Menu (£145) at one of London's premier 3 Michelin Star Restaurant: The Ledbury. You will still have enough for the £12 supplement charge for the optional cheese course, and of course a glass of bubbles.

Culture vulture - Forget going to the Globe Theatre on South Bank, you can jump in an Uber from the Globe all the way to the birth place of Shakespeare, Stratford Upon Avon, for £181.37.

Luxury - Why not enjoy the ultimate hotel luxury. For £182.60 you can stay in Chelsea's 5 star Drayton Hotel on Cadogan Street.

Suns out? Hit the beach! - Seen the forecast, and the weekend looks sunny? Why not jump on the train to the coast? With first class return tickets from Waterloo to Bournemouth starting at £58.40 you will have plenty left over to pop to Mark and Sparks to get a picnic for the journey. Better yet, your Annual CommuterClub card will help you and 2 friends save 1/3 off your tickets!

Take a swing - Not having any luck at your local golf club? With green fees on the Old Course in High Season £175, why not visit the home of golf in St Andrews, Scotland.

Take off - Perhaps you want to dance the night away and recover on the beach? You can fly to Ibiza from Stanstead, check in a bag, and get speed boarding for £175.97 giving you enough left over for suntan lotion (and maybe some Aspirin).

... And relax - Get a way for some pamper time with your partner at the delightful Mercure Spa in Maidstone. With a night stay, including dinner, breakfast and a massage for 2 starting from £145 you can get away from the hustle and bustle of London to really recharge.

We could go on! There certainly is plenty you can do with the extra cash, so why not take advantage today!

Want to save even more? - Don't miss the exceptional benefits that Commuter Club has to offer:

  • Fully managed service and no more trips to the ticket office
  • An Annual Gold Card offering of 1/3 off off-peak rail travel for up to 4 people in South East England and 1/3 off First Class upgraded
  • Access to hundreds of 2for1 deals at London attractions including Kew Gardens, Windsor Castle, Arsenal Stadium
  • Refer a friend and both of you will save - Tell your friends, family and co-workers about CommuterClub and earn as much as £170 in referrals. It's easy from your account. The more friends you bring to CommuterClub, the more you and your friends will save!
  • Exclusive lifestyle savings including 1/3 off Odeon tickets or £80 off a Fitness First membership

Start saving on your Commute

The savings keep on stacking up and there is no shortage of ways to spend it! So, if you're not a member already, now would be a good time to sort out your commute. Or share the good news with your friends and help them save!