Cancelling your ticket

What happens when you cancel

We help regular commuters save money by financing annual season tickets. Customers have signed credit agreements and direct debit mandates with our lending partners who collect monthly repayments. Customers can cancel at any time and cancellations are processed within the agreed 30-day terms (from the date the ticket is returned or invalidated). To cancel a credit agreement, a customer can pay down the full outstanding loan amount, or return their ticket and wait for the rail industry to provide a refund on the unused portion of their ticket, which Commuter Club will immediately use to pay down the outstanding loan. 

You will only ever pay for the period during which you had your ticket and the amount of interest due is calculated based on the monthly cost of your ticket. The outcome of your cancellation depends on how long you have had your ticket for, and what payments you have made up to the date of cancellation.

If you cancel during the 12 months that your ticket is valid for, any discounts or 'free travel' you received during that period will be reclaimed on cancellation. Where there is an outstanding balance to pay, we will collect it from you at the point of cancellation or deduct it from any refund due to you. As part of our commitment to being totally fair and transparent, we will share our calculations with you when we discuss what you need to pay.

I uploaded my ticket, how long will it take to process?

Cancellations take 30 days to be processed from the date we receive your ticket. This allows us to take all the steps needed to cancel your ticket and your loan, and then for our finance team to work out if your account is in credit or debit.

If it hasn't been 30 days yet, then please bear with us - we are working on it and will be in touch as soon as possible.

How do train companies calculate season ticket refunds?

When an annual season ticket is refunded, under TOC rules, the ticket use is prorated to the next cheapest ticket. As such, Annual Season Tickets have no refund value after approximately 10 months. For more information on how cancellations are calculated please refer to the National Rail Conditions of Carriage which can be found here.

For Commuter Club customers, we will use the refund from the TOC to pay down your loan and the daily interest accrued to date to calculate the balance on your account. Check out your Commuter Club dashboard for a bespoke quote.

What will happen if I just cancel my direct debit?

If you cancel your direct debit this will disrupt the normal cancellation process, leading to delays. Furthermore, you may incur additional fees by doing so and will be in breach of your loan agreement, which may have a negative impact on your credit file. 

The quickest and easiest way for you to cancel your ticket is to submit a cancellation request via your dashboard. We will then be able to collect all the necessary information and process your cancellation correctly. Please be aware that until we receive the refund on the unused portion of your ticket from National Rail, which can take 30 days, your loan agreement remains active and cannot be paused.