I've lost my ticket - what should I do?

Please email [email protected] to get started. We will ask the ticket issuer to report your card lost or stolen so no one else can use it.

There is a £15.00 replacement fee per National Rail policy (and our terms & conditions) that we will need to collect in order to process your replacement request.

PLEASE NOTE National Rail will only replace TWO season tickets in a 12 month period so please be careful! If your card is lost or stolen for a third time we cannot guarantee you will receive a replacement ticket. You are still liable for the outstanding balance of your loan whether or not National Rail are prepared to send a third ticket.

National Rail paper tickets are subject to even more extensive restrictions around replacement due to their high value and risk of fraudulent use. Duplicate paper tickets may not always be refundable and the ticket issuer may request further evidence if you lose it. Additionally you may be required to attend an interview with the ticket issuer.

Why is there a replacement fee?

Ticket retailers are entitled to charge up to £20 for replacing season tickets - our ticket issuer charges £10 plus £5.00 for delivery. We pass on the replacement and delivery costs directly without adding any fees.

My ticket is faulty - what do I do?


  1. Please ensure your season ticket is valid - you'll be unable to travel with your new Oystercard if you use it before its season ticket start-date unless you add PAYG credit.
  2. Check your Oystercard PAYG balance at any Oyster reader. If you travel outside of your ticket's Oyster fare zones, you will be charged an extension fare. The season ticket loaded onto your Oystercard will be blocked if its PAYG balance drops below £0. Top up and you'll be good to go!
  3. If your Oystercard is still not working, please contact us at [email protected]. We will request a new Oystercard for you. See below for more information.

Replacement Oystercards take around 7 days to be processed by TFL. There is no charge if the Oystercard has developed a genuine fault. To verify the fault, you will have to send in the faulty Oystercard to our ticketing partner. We will give you all the details you need when you contact us. Please note a £10 duplication fee applies if the fault cannot be verified.

National Rail tickets:

Over time, we know that paper tickets can become faded or even demagnetized.

The replacement process is straightforward, so please contact [email protected] and we will provide instructions on how to get a replacement for your ticket.

Please note that the replacement process varies from ticket to ticket, dependant on when and where it was issued.

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